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We hope you have many hours of pleasure from your purchase. All our items are handmade in our UK dungeon by Scarlet and Cyan Lilly so each item is made with passion to be unique to its wearer.

If you are experienced and familiar with restraints most of this will be obvious but for those who are not read and enjoy your new restraints.

This item and all the items available today are made with either nickel plated chain or Stainless Steel Chain. We recommend that all Nickel plated items are to be warn over clothing. If you wish to ware an item against the skin, we recommend you choose from our STAINLESS STEEL items.


If when you get item home and it doesn't fit how you'd like it please email us at
for a free resize or exchange.

All items available today and more designs yet to be released are available in all colours on our colour ring or a mixture if we don't have the colour you want let us know and we will do our very best to find it. We welcome custom orders and challenges so please let us know if you'd like a custom set or want to talk ideas email

Unless stated, all our items are suitable to be used as restraints. However for any items with gemstones or colour chain please note these elements are for decoration only and will not withstand being used as an anchor point.
So when using any of our items in bondage we recommend only using the O rings and thick main chain as an anchor point.

We do not recommend any of our products are used for suspension and we are not responsible for any damage or injury caused if you decide to use them for suspension.

Caring for your products
Nickel plated chain and Stainless Steel Chain is very low maintenance which is one of the reasons we chose it for our products. Like most jewellery it with acidic products so we don't recommend spraying perfume or other acidic products on top of your items.

Not suitable for wear with light coloured latex, light colours of latex can be stained by metal so we do not recommend wearing our items over latex. We are not responsible for any damage to clothing whilst wearing our jewellery.

After wearing for a long time (varies human to human) or if played with in naughty places, the acid in human sweat and other layers that can build up e.g. skin can cause the chain to loose its shine this is not a problem as our designs can be cleaned.

  We recommend beginning with plain water and if used in naughty places, toy cleaner should work fine.

If shine doesn't return then a non-abrasive polish should be used to gently restore the original look.

Return policy for breakages
Whilst it is highly unlikely you will ever break or damage the main chain of our items, the decretive colour chain is vulnerable to damage if treated roughly and of course accidents can happen during play so we have a fast no fuss repair policy.

If anything on any of your items gets damage don't hesitate to contact us and we will arrange repair of your item. The only time we will not offer repair or replacement on an item is if it is clear that it's been damaged through inappropriate use I.e item used as a tow rope etc. stupid we know but we have to cover it.

If an item arrives to you damaged please accept of most sincere apologies contact us via email and we will arrange for a repair to be made or to have a replacement to be sent out too you.

Please email us for further information about us, our products, to place an order or for any problems you might have.

We hope you enjoy your purchase and it brings you hours of fun and pleasure. Lots of love

Scarlet and Cyan Lilly

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