Last Drop Day Collar 304 Stainless Steel
Last Drop Day Collar 304 Stainless Steel shown flat
Scarlet in chains closure chart Flat shot of stainless steel padlock and open stainless steel padlock with allen key, penny for size reference. Also show is a stainless steel clip
Scarlet in Chains

Last Drop Day Collar

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Our Last Drop Day Collar, because hearts aren't for everyone welcome back the last drop.

The last drop day collar made with 2mm welded stainless steel chain. Decorated with a drop of light Siam crystal blood inside a stainless steel o ring.

Available with either a stainless steel clasp or stainless steel padlock.
Please contact us if you have any questions about any of our padlocks.

This item is suitable for 24/7 wear and can handle anything your life has to throw at it from sea water to latex it will not tarnish, rust, dull or stain skin or clothing. Be kind to your crystal clean it with soft cloths try not to wear it with items that may scratch it and when not in use store it safely.

Please note these are the same Crystals we have always used so will colour match existing items. As the manufacturer no longer wholesales to or allows businesses to use the official crystal name they are now just referred to as "crystals" for our remaining stock.
Handmade to order in the UK so please select your neck size when you order if you are between sizes let us know in the order notes and we will make it to your exact size where possible. To measure your neck place the tape measure around your neck where you would like the item to sit. Don't measure too tightly or add extra to your measurements (we do that for you) as it will effect the fit of your item if your aiming for a choker fit.


If you need some help with measuring yourself, this video should help.

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