close up shot of double layer stainless steel necklace with a stainless steel inverted pentagram on the top layer and a limited edition baphomet charm on the bottom layer
far shot of double layer stainless steel necklace with a stainless steel inverted pentagram on the top layer and a limited edition baphomet charm on the bottom layer
close up of art card for limited edition baphomet charm complete with hand numbering on both charm and card
flat shot of double layer stainless steel baphomet necklace finished with stainless steel clip
Baphomet Balance Art card showing design
Baphomet Balance Art card showing description
Scarlet in Chains

Limited Edition Stainless Steel Baphomet Double layer necklace

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Our Baphomet Double layer necklace is part of our limited edition Fehu (New Beginnings) range of Scarlet’s Satanic Panic.

Limited to 100 charms in total with 25 available of this design on our website and the other 25 on our Etsy.

Also available in a single Baphomet pendant limited to 50.


Baphomet, also know as the dark lord in pop culture, is often mistaken for the actual devil. Due to it’s use by the LaVeyan Satanic Church and the Satanic Temple’s high profile and 
controversial Baphomet statue. 

The head of Baphomet is also used within the well know, inverted pentagram symbol which first appeared in the book La Clef de la Magie Noire by French occultist Stanislas de Guaita, in 1897. it is still in use to this day gracing 
everything from T-shirts to album covers.

The design of the Baphomet we know is based on artwork of the “Sabbatic Goat" image drawn by Eliphas Lévi which contains binary elements representing the "sum total of the universe" (e.g. male and female, good and evil, on and off, etc.). 

Baphomet is a being of balance representing 
excepting both sides of yourself to become whole with the torch of knowledge burning between their horns.


Each Baphomet comes with a hand stamped number on the back and a hand numbered art card with information on the back the meaning behind Baphomet.

The Baphomet pendant is laser cut from 316 stainless steel and the detailing is laser etched onto the surface. Due to the nature of the process there may be minor variations in the charms etching.

The necklace is made from our 2mm Mini 304 Stainless steel chain. With an inverted 316 Stainless Steel pentagram as the top layer.

The bottom layer is the Baphomet pendant.

Finished with our hard wearing easy to use 316 stainless steel clip.

This item is suitable for 24/7 wear and can handle anything your life has to throw at it from sea water to latex it will not tarnish, rust, dull or stain skin or clothing.

Handmade to order in the UK so please select your neck size when you order if you are between sizes let us know in the order notes and we will make it to your exact size where possible. To measure your neck place the tape measure around your neck where you would like the item to sit. Don’t measure too tightly or add extra to your measurements (we do that for you) as it will effect the fit of your item if your aiming for a choker fit.

How to Measure your Neck

If you need some help with measuring yourself, this video should help.


All jewellery items except earrings are covered by our resize for life policy so, can be returned to us for resizing at any time. The resizing is free of charge you will only pay return postage costs.

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