316 Stainless steel earring hook with a small length of chain with 6 small Swarovski hearts with a large matching swarovski droplet at the base
Mermaid Queen Earrings Scarlet in Chains Swarovski colour Chart, Swarovski heart colour chart, Heliotrope, Siam AB, Vitrail Light, Vitrail Medium, Bermuda Blue, Silver Night, Peridot, Jet, Dark Rainbow
Mermaid Queen Earrings Pear Drop Colours, Vampire Tear, Unicorn Tear, Witch Essence, Fae Essence, Dragon Scale, Mermaid Scale, Siren Scale, Ghost Essence, Demon Tear
Scarlet in Chains

Mermaid Queen Earrings

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Our suuuuuuper sparkly Mermaid Queen Earrings were born and named after a fabulous customer who asked for more sparkle, as much sparkle as we could manage.

So here is a version of those fabulous earrings.

The mermaid queen earrings are made from 316 stainless steel earring hooks, a length of our micro chain with 6 beautiful 10mm Swarovski hearts on each earring.

Finished with a 16mm Swarovski Tear Drop.

Choose your Swarovski heart colours from our Swarovski colour variation if you select the two or more colour option send your choices from the colour chart in the note section at checkout.

All earrings are cleaned before we ship them, but we recommend cleaning them with your sterilisation method of choice before you wear them.


If you would like a custom combination, please let us know.

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