Stainless Steel Lucifer Sigil charm necklace, day collar, Witch necklace, witchy necklace, Shown close
Stainless Steel Lucifer Sigil charm necklace, day collar, Witch necklace, witchy necklace, Shown Full
Stainless Steel Ankh charm necklace, day collar, Witch necklace, witchy necklace, Showing closure options padlocking or clasp
Scarlet in Chains

Stainless Steel Mini Lucifer Sigil Charm Necklace

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Created on our 2mm stainless steel micro chain with a 13mm stainless O ring. Hanging from the ring is the stainless steel Sigil of Lucifer.

A brief bit of information on Lucifer and why you might wish to wear his sigil.

Lucifer the Morning Star the original fallen angel.
Lucifer represents rebellion, going to war with god against a corrupt system designed to make humanity suffer. (This is obviously the short version I highly recommend doing your own reading)

He is literally demonised by Christian based religions for questioning a broken system. When his concerns were ignored as God was considered as not having to answer for his choices he went to war to overthrow God and his system with the support of many now fallen angels.

Lucifer represents the need to question authoritarian rule. As well as a need to throw out unnecessary rules especially those designed to cause unnecessary suffering.

Lucifer is freedom and encourages us to think for ourselves and free ourselves from outdated expectations of us. To yourself be true that’s when you shine.

Available with either a stainless steel clip or stainless steel padlock.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our padlocks.

Made to order so please select your neck size when you order. To measure your neck place the tape Measure where you would like the item to sit. Don't measure too tightly or add extra to your measurements (we do that for you) as it will effect the fit of your item.

This item is suitable for 24/7 wear and can handle anything your life has to throw at it from sea water to latex it will not tarnish, rust, dull or stain skin or clothing.

All jewellery items except earrings are covered by our resize for life policy so, can be returned to us for resizing at any time. The resizing is free of charge you will only pay return postage costs.


If you need some help with measuring yourself, this video should help.

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