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We absolutely love making custom or Bespoke designs and have been lucky enough to now be involved with some wonderful small businesses such as Legend Bridal and Alternative Ceremonies UK.

We have always made Custom, Bespoke and One of items in our 304 grade Stainless Steel with Semiprecious crystals such as Amethyst, Garnet, Labradorite for example, along with our Stainless Steel Charms or any charm we can source or even a special charm that means a lot to you can be incorporated into a custom design.

 If you would like to know more or have an enquiry about custom/one off/Handfasting chain etc. please contact us at:

We are always happy to talk about ideas. 

As an example of ideas, we were lucky enough to shoot with Legend Bridal Designs and Alternative Ceremonies UK where we also renewed our Handfasting.

For this shoot, we designed the necklaces to match the stunning Legend Bridal Dresses and rather than using chord, we used our 304 grade chain to create Handfasting Chains.

handfasting chain hand fasting chord as above so below black moon

hand fasting chord handfasting chain as above so below white moon 

For our Handfasting chains, this particular design represented "As above, So Below". As with any Handfasting chain, we can incorporate elements that are important. For example, for our chain we designed the following into it:

  • Chain length - 2m
  • Number of Crystals at each end - 7
  • Length of chain crystals covered - 13"
  • As above side - Grey Aura Quartz 
  • As Below side - Black Raw Quartz
  • Moon at the end of As Above side of chain - Clear Quartz
  • Moon at the end of As Below side of chain - Black Obsidian
  • Stainless Steel Pentagram at the end of As Above side of the chain - Pointing upwards (Spirit Chakra)
  • Stainless Steel Pentagram at the and of s Below side of the chain - Pointing downwards (Base Chakra)

    For Sophies's dress, we designed the necklace to compliment the plunge of the dress she was wearing with a 3 layer necklace incorporating Labradorite and Blue Goldstone in alternating patterns on each layer.

    These were chosen to compliment the Black dress and the celestial detailing in the design. 

    Stainless Steel Hypoallergenic wedding necklace Labradorite Blue Goldstone 

    Stainless Steel wedding necklace Onyx Rainbow Moonstone

    For Drew's dress, we matched the Black and White of the dress she was wearing using Rainbow Moonstone and Onyx with multiple teardrops and a 12mm Onyx in the centre.

    We used the alternate patterning of the semi precious crystals to match the patterning of the top half of the dress.

    Photography by Alternative Images UK