Stainless Steel Allen Key Padlock next to 1 Penny coin to show the size is very close.
Stainless Steel Padlock showing the bottom view with the Allen key screw used for fastening it.
Stainless Steel padlock showing side view so you  can see how the screw is used to fasten the padlock.
Scarlet in Chains

Stainless Steel Allen Key Padlock

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Our very own custom made Stainless Steel Padlock made from 304 Grade Stainless Steel.

If you would like to convert your necklace or collar to a locking version or making your own necklace and would like it to have a strong and secure locking system then look no further.

The padlock and Allen key screw are all made from 304 Stainless steel which means it can be warn 24/7 including in showers etc.

This listing contains:
1 X Padlock
1 X Allen Key
3 X Allen Key Screws

It's small size means that it can be as subtle as you like while still making a statement (for those who know) yet made from solid Stainless Steel, it is still very strong.

Secures using an Allen Key Screw and comes with 2 spare screws.

Width = 16mm
Height 27mm
Depth 6mm
Bar diameter = 3.6mm
Inner Bar distance = 5.3mm

Stainless Steel is considered a Hypoallergenic material so if you have had problems with other padlocks, this is an option for you.

Due to the shape, edges may feel a little sharp on opening out of the packet for the first time but when worn is perfectly comfortable.
We have both worn them both at the front of the neck and back also on the wrists and have personally found it to be very comfortable.

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